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What does it do?
 It simply allows changes to the Horizontal Field of View or simply (FOV) in SCP - Containment Breach.

What is Field of View (FOV)? Field of View simply means the extent of the observable environment being visible to the player in a 3D First Person Video Game. Most FOV settings in other games (like Minecraft) utilize only Horizontal FOV and this addon will do the same.

Changelog For Latest Version: 

- Fix graphical bug when the description of the FOV Slider on the pause menu is incorrectly displayed.

Install instructions

This Mod Requires a Fresh Install of SCP - Containment Breach v1.3.11, Download That On Their Main Website Herehttp://www.scpcbgame.com/

Install Instructions After Download: Extract the contents and simply drag and drop the "SCP - FOV.exe" file and the new "options.ini" file to the main game folder of a fresh install of SCP - Containment Breach.

Gameplay Instructions: Simply go to "options.ini" and find the "FOV" setting at the "[options]" section. Change the number to what number you please (The default setting is 74).

I am experiencing bugs (Graphics, Lag, MAVs etc). Go to this thread for further instructions to deal with MAVs (http://undertowgames.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=3742) If all else fails, it is likely a bug in the current version of the game proper.


[v2.3] Field of View (FOV) for SCP - Containment Breach v1.3.11 1 MB
[v2.1] Field of View (FOV) for SCP - Containment Breach v1.3.10 1 MB

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